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Loyalty Scheme


The Oska Ireland Card Oska Ireland Loyalty & Gift Card Terms & Conditions The Oska Ireland Customer Loyalty Programme (the "Programme") which includes a Gift Card facility, is operated by Acorn Graphics Ltd, t/a Oska Ireland of Woodfield, Bantry, Co. Cork, Ireland subject to these terms and conditions (the “Terms”). Under the Programme, a customer (“Member”) can apply to open a loyalty account by registering his/her details with Oska Ireland in any of our stores. They will be given an ‘Oska Ireland Card’ (the "Card") and can start collecting points ("Points") immediately by using his/her Card in-store. However, a Member must have registered his/her loyalty account and have collected a minimum of 500 Points in order to spend or use his/her Points.

These terms and conditions set out the terms of the contract between Oska Ireland and the Member and govern Members participation in the Programme and the use of the Card. Please read carefully and keep a copy for future reference. If a Member has any questions about these Terms or his/her participation in the Programme, then please email

The Programme

1. Until further notice, the Programme is only available instore and NOT online. 2. Loyalty accounts can be registered with Oska Ireland at any of our stores or by calling 027 51575 3. The Card remains the property of Oska Ireland and must be surrendered or destroyed if so requested by Oska Ireland who also reserve the right to alter, amend or terminate the Programme, at any time, without prior notice. 4. Members of the Programme may be removed from the Programme at any time at the discretion of Oska Ireland. 5. All Members of the Programme must be at least 18 years old on the date of issue of his/her Card and must be resident in the Republic of Ireland. 6. Oska Ireland staff members are excluded from participating in the Programme. 7. Only Oska Ireland Cards issued by Oska Ireland in the Republic of Ireland can be used to collect or spend Points in our stores in the Republic of Ireland. They are not valid and may not be used in any other Oska store in any other territory. 8. Participation in the Programme is personal to the Member. A Member is responsible for the proper use and security of his/her Card and his/her Points and Oska Ireland will not be liable for any unauthorized use of a Member’s Loyalty Card in any circumstances, including loss or theft. 9. Oska Ireland must be informed quickly if your card is lost or stolen. In the event that your Card is damaged, lost or stolen, a replacement Card will be made available, instore, at the discretion of Oska Ireland. 10. Oska Ireland reserves the right to reject any Card that it reasonably determines has been forged or otherwise tampered with. 11. Oska Ireland must be informed quickly of any change to your personal/contact details. 12. A Member cannot share, transfer or donate his/her Points. 13. For added security Members may be asked to produce a valid I.D. to verify their identity at the time of a transaction. 14. The Card is not a credit, payment or cheque guarantee card. 15. Oska Ireland may suspend or close the Programme at any time but will endeavour to give Card holders reasonable notice of such. 16. Points collected do not have any monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash at any time. 17. These Terms are subject to the laws of the Republic of Ireland.

Collecting Points

1. To collect Points in-store, (Points are not yet available online), a Member must present his/her Card at the checkout during and prior to completion of a purchase. 2. Points earned during a purchase will only be allocated to the Member’s loyalty account once the purchase is complete and payment has been taken. 3. For every €1 spent in a single purchase, a Member will collect 1 point. 4. Points are awarded after any relevant discounts or promotions have been deducted from the Member‘s purchases. 5. Oska Ireland may award additional Points as part of a promotion or offer from time to time. 6. Where points have been used as part-payment in a purchase, new points will only be earned on the monetary portion of the purchase. 7. Some products may be excluded from the programme at any time and without prior notice and such changes will be at the discretion of Oska Ireland or as directed by applicable legislation. 8. Oska Ireland reserves the right to withdraw promotions/offers for additional Points without notice.

Returning products/purchases

1. If a Member returns products/purchases which he/she has bought and collected Points on his/her Card during the purchase, Oska Ireland will deduct the Points collected on the Card that relate to such returned products/purchases. 2. If a Member returns products/purchases in circumstances where he/she tendered for the products/purchases using Points on his/her Card the Points will be re-allocated back to the Member’s Card/loyalty account. 3. If a Member exchanges products/purchases, Oska Ireland is entitled to cancel these Points, unless the Member exchanges for products/purchases with an equivalent Points value. If a Member exchanges for products/purchases with a lower Points value then Oska Ireland is entitled to cancel the balance of the Points.

Spending Points

1. Points can be used as full or part payment against purchases in Oska Ireland stores that are participating in the Programme, once the Member’s account has reached a balance of 500 points. To do so, a Member must present his/her Card in-store before they complete their purchase. 2. Upon spending Points, these Points will be removed from the Member’s Card account.

Data Protection

Please see our Privacy Policy which outlines how your data is collected and used by OSKA Ireland.

1. Personal details that a Member supplies during the registration process will be processed by Oska Ireland with appropriate confidentiality. Other than as stated below, no personal details will be divulged to anyone or any organisation outside of Oska Ireland or its data processors. 2. Oska Ireland may, however, use the personal details supplied for the following purposes: To help manage and administer the Programme and improve the way it is run; to help Oska Ireland understand its Member’s shopping needs. 3. Oska Ireland may also use information relating to sets or groups of Members, without identifying individuals, to enhance its understanding of Members requirements and enable Oska Ireland to tailor its seasonal buying to Members needs. 4. A Member can 'opt out' if he/she does not want to be contacted by Oska Ireland for direct marketing purposes, by ticking the appropriate box on the Registration Form, or by contacting 5. A Card holder has the right to request his/her data currently held by Oska Ireland, and to rectify or remove personal details, by writing to Jud Weidner, Acorn Graphics Ltd., t/a Oska Ireland, Woodfield, Bantry, Co. Cork. 6. For the efficient operation of the Programme, it is important that Members details are kept up to date. A Member wishing to change or update his/her details can do so by contacting Jud Weidner at 027 51575 or email to giving a number at which they can be contacted. 7. By signing the Registration Form and /or taking part in the Programme, the customer agrees to abide by these Terms and Conditions of the Programme and of this Data Protection notice.

Acorn Graphics Ltd., t/a OSKA Ireland. Woodfield, The Rope Walk, Bantry, Co. Cork. Registered in Ireland No.178681 VAT No. IE6578681H